All over the world a concerted effort between private and public offices has been indicated as the best way to combat the yet incurable disease of cancer and it was this that led the Niola Foundation and the Lagos State SUBEB (State Universal Basic Education Board) to carry out screening exercise for colorectal cancer for over two hundred staffs of its organization. It really is a welcome development to see such active collaboration taking hold from public office holders in Nigeria and a clear sign there is a commitment to actively combat all forms of cancer.

It was on the 20th of June 2018 that the Lagos State branch of SUBEB organized its health week and the event began at 10am hosted and chaired by its Executive Board Chairman, Dr. Ganiyu Sopeyin. He welcomed all members of staffs and employed them to take advantage of the opportunity presented to them at this event to screen themselves and actively pursue a health and wellness mentality. After narrating how such preventive measures had saved lives in the past he warned against feigning ignorance of health issues or worried of the cost of screening as the board had ensured the cost of screenings done that day have been paid for by the management. It was an opportunity to thank the governor of Lagos State, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode for his support and commitment to staffs in the public service and also to thank the professionals who made themselves available to talk and enlighten the entire workforce.

Niola Foundation was ably represented by Dr. Adedapo Osinowo the Head of Medical and ambassadors Mrs. Lilian Amah-Aluko, Mr. Keppy Ekpeyong Bassey and his wife. Dr. Osinowo gave all who were on hand the true picture of what colorectal cancer is and healthy habits to imbibe to ensure anyone can minimize his or her exposure to the risks of cancers. Afterwards, questions were entertained and the program came to an end.

The founder of Niola Foundation, Ms. Eniola Akintunde was full of commendations to the governor of Lagos State, the management of SUBEB in Lagos State and all the members of staff who came out to participate in the screening exercise as it falls into the strategic mission of the Niola Foundation to “to campaign for wellness and early detection through communication and engagement platforms, while leveraging solid partnership with our stakeholders and volunteers”.

“This is an encouraging development and one that pushes our mission forward and ensures we combat cancer at every level of the society”, Ms Akintunde said. She also thanked all who have supported the foundation in kind words and actions and looks forward to several more opportunities to collaborate in screening exercises.

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Nigeria’s first non-governmental organization dedicated to creating unmatched awareness for wellness and (specifically) colorectal cancer, conduct screening for early detection, advocate for better treatment and support research for its cure.

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