Colon Cancer is very often used interchangeably with Colorectal Cancer or Bowel Cancer but  do they mean the same thing? Are colon cancer and colorectal cancer or bowel cancer related? 

Since the colon and rectum exist in the bowel we sometimes refer to this ailment as bowel cancer. Colorectal cancer refers to cancer of the “colon” and “rectum” so therefore there is a difference in name but the refer to the same thing.

The colon and rectum resides in the stomach area of the human body and forms part of the human digestive system. The challenge we have is colorectal Cancer has symptoms that could easily me mistaken for common stomach troubles but if detected in time can save a life. Colorectal cancer can be prevented and treated IF detected early.

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On our blog, Dr. Adedapo Osinowo, the Head of Medicals at Niola Cancer Care Foundation goes on to break down the meaning of colon cancer. In the article he covers what are symptoms of colorectal cancer and other topical questions like can colorectal cancer be cured? Can colorectal cancer be inherited?

You can also watch the video on the left to hear what Dr. Adedapo Osinowo has to say about his first hand experience dealing with colon cancer over the years and as a lead consultant at Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) at the launch of the foundation.