Raising awareness for colorectal cancer and cancer as a whole is best achieved via the concerted efforts of all in society. Unfortunately, many barriers exist that hinders effective awareness and enlightenment of persons especially in a society like Nigeria.Due to these factors we involve as many leaders, influential persons, homemakers, friends and the likes to influence their respective domains to raise awareness on this dreadful and avoidable ailment.

Our team at Niola Cancer Care Foundation consists of Our Advisory and Trustees board who are influential members of the society who recognize that early detection and getting professional help is important to avoiding irrelevant loss of life. We also have our ambassadors who are recognized celebrities that the public follows. These ones have dedicated their time, presence and efforts to propagate the hopeful message that we can work together to prevent colorectal cancer and those who suffer from this do not have to resign their fate. With adjustment of their lifestyle and other medical professional advice they can survive. Lastly but not least, our volunteers are key to achieving the massive results and goodwill we experience today. Members of the public are encouraged to join our volunteer team.